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  1. Cleanfoods ClearBottle

    Cleanfoods Clear Bottle

    The Clear bottle is a Lifstyle bottle that is unique due to its many positive properties. The bottle is made of a special glass, namely the borosilicate glass. Thus, the glass is suitable for both cold and hot drinks, think for example. fresh shakes or hot tea.

    The bottle has an inner shell which is also made of borosilicate glass and therefore also has an insulating effect. Thus, cold drinks remain really cold and warm drinks stay warm longer.

    The bottle comes with a tea strainer, which can be placed in the top of the bottle. With it you can simply take the prepared tea with you on the way.

    What can I use the bottle for?

    • Take away and keep shakes fresh
    • To prepare and take along fresh herbal tea
    • For preparing fresh fruit-flavored water
  2. Detox Tee

    100% natürlicher Detox Tee mit getrockneten Früchten für Ihreb täglichen Detox-boost.

    • 100% natürlicher Tee
    • Frei von Gluten, Fett, Zucker, Kohlenhydraten und Laktose
    • Ohne Kalorien und ohne Zucker

    Inhalt: 75 g

  3. TeaTox

    Japanese green tea (matcha) is ground to a powder. Matcha is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. What makes matcha so special is the way the green tea is made. The different ways in which the leaves of the green tea are treated, determine the quality of the tea. Only a small number of elite tea farmers have the ability to produce high quality matcha. The matcha in TeaTox is of the highest quality with superior nutritional value and numerous therapeutic properties.
  4. Ur-Detox

    100% natural Detox Tea with dried fruit for your daily detox boost. Including bottle per unit.


4 Item(s)