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SlimCake Choco


SlimCake Blueberry

SlimCake Deluxe

Quick Overview

SlimCake contains 75-90% less calories than regular mug/cupcakes. It’s very low in fat, glutenfree and sugarfree.

  • 75-90% less calories than regular cakes
  • Sugarfree
  • Low carb/fat
  • 3x SlimCake Deluxe (100gr.)
  • 3x SlimCake Cups
  • 1x Cleanfoods Bag, 1x Heart Candle

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Slimcake MyMoment & Slimcake Deluxe

SlimCake MyMoment is for the relaxed moments on the couch or for in between in the office, but if you have friends over or there is something to celebrate, then you choose for SlimCake Deluxe. Slimcake Deluxe comes with MuffinCups. Empty a pack of SlimCake Deluxe powder into a cup or mug, add water, 2 minutes in the microwave and you've created a wonderful dessert.