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  1. 10x Fettucine

    Now you can enjoy a Fettuccine dish with Raw Fettuccine by Clean Foods, with minimal effort. These are the lowest calorie Fettuccine available at only 6 calories per portion.

    • Only 6 kcal per 100 grams
    • Free of gluten, fat, added sugar, carbohydrates and lactose
    • Very rich in dietary fibre

    Each pouch contains 200g net (for 2 servings)

  2. 10x Spinach Fettuccine

    CleanFoods has combined the goodness of Raw Fettuccine with the benefits of fresh vegetables and developed a unique new product! Raw Noodles spinach also has few calories.

    • Contains healthy vitamins and minerals
    • Free of gluten, fat, added sugar and lactose
    • Rich in lutein and folic acid and very rich in dietary fibre

    Each pouch contains: 200g net (for 2 servings)


2 Item(s)