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Konjac Meal


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  1. 8x Konjac Skinny Snack Meal

    This is possibly the most revolutionary product in healthy weight loss nutrition ever. With only 80 Kcal per snack meal, this is the ideal way to support your diet. Skinny snack can be taken anywhere, can be used hot or cold and gives you a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

    • Sugarfree, glutenfree & 100% vegan
    • 80 Kcal per 100gr
    • Individually packaged and suitable for instant use
    • 150 gr per meal

    Endless variation with both sweet and savory flavors. The perfect snack meal for in between and at work. Easy and direct to use. Add fruit or experiment with spices.

  2. SlimSoup

    Why Choose Our SlimSoup?

    • Super Low Calorie: Just 23 kcal per 100g - indulge without the guilt!
    • Vegan & Gluten-Free: Suits all dietary needs, ensuring a wholesome experience.
    • Packed with Nutrients: Enriched with 23 essential vitamins and minerals for your daily wellness.
    • Fiber-Rich Fullness: Thanks to magic fibre konjac glucomannan, enjoy a satisfying full feeling for hours.

    Each package contains 10 units of 30 gr. - ideal for on-the-go or a quick meal at home.


2 Item(s)