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  1. 5x Dry Konjak Noodles

    A true revolution in the world of Konjac pastas. After an extensive development process, in cooperation with several top chefs from Italy, Cleanfoods presents the first dry konjac noodle in Europe!

    • 21 Kcal per serving
    • Approached structure regular pastes.
    • Gluten, sugar and fat-free.
    • Prepare in 5 minutes.

    Contents: 75g

  2. 8x RawNoodles

    Raw noodles are low carb and low calorie noodles and are suitable for dieting. At only 12 calories, you can enjoy a delicious noodle dish with minimal effort. In addition, the noodles are fat free, sugar free and gluten free and contain no E numbers. Each pack of Raw Noodles contains 200 grams which is enough for 2 portions.
  3. Tryout pack S (8x)

    Cleanfoods offers several packages to try out our products. Package S is a package to test all RawKonjak Pasta variants once. So test them quickly and find out which one you like the best!

    This package contains:

    2x Konjac Noodles, 2x Konjac Spaghetti, 2x Konjac Rice, 1x Lasagna, 1x Konjac Fettuccine


3 Item(s)