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10x RawRice

Dry Konjak Rice

Quick Overview

A true revolution in the world of Konjac rice. After an extensive development process, in cooperation with several top chefs from Italy, Cleanfoods presents the first dry konjac Rice in Europe!

  • 21 Kcal per serving
  • Approached structure regular rice.
  • Gluten, added sugar and fat-free.
  • Prepare in 5 minutes.

Contents: 75 g

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Raw Rice are low carb and low calorie Rice and are suitable for dieting. At only 12 calories, you can enjoy a delicious noodle dish with minimal effort. In addition, the Rice are fat free, sugar free and gluten free and contain no E numbers. Each pack of Raw Rice contains 200 grams which is enough for 2 portions.

Glucomannan Fibres

The main ingredient of our Raw Rice is glucomannan, a plant fibre which is extracted from the konjac tuber. This fibre is 100% natural and is ideal for making a low calorie meal. Not only is glucomannan low in calories but it also promotes weight loss. Both taste and texture of Raw Rice are comparable with "normal" Rice so they can be used in all your favourite pasta dishes.

Shirataki Rice

Standard Rice are made of pasta products. There are many different types of Rice - wheat and rice Rice are the most widely known. Rice based on glucomannan, which is extracted from the konjac tuber, are also known as shirataki Rice. These Rice originate in Japan and have been well known for their healthy properties there, for many years.

Preparation of Raw Rice

Just like all other pasta products, these Rice can be easily prepared. Rinse the Rice with cold water before use. They are now ready to be used. Just heat up in wok sauce or in noodle soup. Because they are quick to prepare, the Rice are ideal if you have no time to cook.

Healthy Weight Loss

Raw Rice by CleanFoods are 100% natural and a unique super food product, suitable for your daily diet plan. Whether it's for weight loss or to improve cholesterol, you will achieve your target with our Raw Rice. You can use our Raw spaghetti, Raw Rice or Raw rice, for a prolonged period. In this way you reduce calories, which you would consume with other types of pasta. A standard portion of pasta usually contains 350 calories per portion. Our Rice only contain 12 calories per portion, therefore 98% fewer.

Quick to Order Online

You can quickly order our Raw Rice online, using a few clicks. You can order the Rice separately or as a discounted package. Our discounted packages are very inexpensive and are shipped at no charge. Discover our Raw Rice for yourself!